Vicki Taylor’s dream became her latest novel

Posted on October 22, 2007


Award-winning author Vicki Taylor writes stories with strong women as her main characters.

Her first novel, Not Without Anna won 2nd place in the 2003 Florida Writers’ Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards and was published in January 2004. She won an honorary award for her short story, “And Justice for All” in the Fire to Fly contest from Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine.


A prolific writer of both novel length and short stories, she brings her characters to life in the real world. Her memberships include the National Association of Women Writers, Short Fiction Mystery Society, Romance Writers Association, and many more. She has had hundreds of articles published in electronic and print publications. She is one of the founders and past President of the Florida Writers Association, Inc. and speaks to local writing groups.

Vicki’s latest novel, Trust in the Wind is available at Amazon. She graciously took the time for an interview.

Me: Where did the main character, Joanne in Trust in the Wind come from?

Vicki: A dream. I dreamed the entire book one night and woke up and hurried to write it down before I forgot it. Joanne was a great character to write. She really loved her son Joey and only wanted to protect him and make like better for him. She worked hard. She didn’t trust many people, because those she put her trust in before betrayed her.

Me: Your novel, Not Without Anna won 2nd place in the 2003 Florida Writers’ Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards. How has that affected your career?

Vicki: It was a big deal to my publisher. They even put the award design on the back cover of the book. It helped with marketing a bit. To me, it made me realize I could write something that people thought was award winning material. That gave me a confidence boost.

Me: Where do call home and how has that setting influenced your writing?

Vicki: I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband and my dog and my parrot. I’ve set my books in Florida, usually around the Tampa Bay area. I’ve lived her for thirteen years. Tampa’s a great city. Really full of character, as is Florida itself. That’s why so many people use it as a background in their books. Tim Dorsey is a really good example. He sets all his Serge Storm books in Florida. They’re really good.

Me: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Vicki: I read. I love to read and I try to take a break from my writing when I’ve finished a book and need to let it cool before I go back and start editing. During that cooling time, I’ll devour as many books as I can. And watch movies. I record them on my DVR and then watch them when I’m ready.

During the day, when I take little breaks from my computer, I play with my dog and my bird. My husband says I’m obsessed with them. I don’t know about that. Just because they each have their own website, is that obsessed?

Me: What’s on your desk?

Vicki: Oh, you don’t really want to know, do you? Okay here goes: a phone, extra ink cartridges for my printer, my lap top, a flat screen monitor, a tape dispenser, my external hard drive, my digital card readers, a calculator, miscellaneous scraps of paper with various notes, quotes, etc. A food journal (I keep track of what I eat every day). Some Ice Breakers Sours. About a dozen or so disks with backups of documents on them. My current manuscript journal. (I keep weekly track of how many pages I edit, write, and the number of words.) Umm, what else? Let me move something around. Oh, the empty box for Office 2007, a peppermint, speakers, some pencils, a pen, a highlighter, some business cards and my credit card for online shopping. Oops, and a tube of chapstick. I guess I need to clean my desk, eh?

Me: Hah! Don’t we all. I keep a shovel nearby.

Thank you, Vicki for taking the time to share a little bit of yourself with my readers. I hope your Virtual Book Tour is a huge success!

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