Review: Tapped Out

Posted on October 30, 2007


Tapped Out
By Natalie M. Roberts
The Berkeley Publishing Group
October 2007
261 pages

Jenny Partridge is back and she’s up to her dancing shoes in another mystery with hunky Detective Wilson in tow.

The Hollywood StarMakers Convention is in town and Jenny’s old boyfriend Bill is the owner. When he asks her to work as a fill-in dance instructor for the weekend, Jenny jumps at the chance to make some extra cash. But after a threatening phone call, an explosion, and an ugly confrontation with a snowplow, there’s no question someone really wants her to back out of the gig.

Any normal person would do just that. But not Jenny. Hell bent on proving to Bill and his first-class bitch of girlfriend that she’s no slouch – and of course broke as usual – Jenny puts her heart and soul into making the convention happen. As her own dumb luck would have it, Jenny gets snared in a multi-layered trap and can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. Who knew there was a seamy underbelly to the dance world? 

Through it all there’s still her own dance academy to run, complete with the usual psycho moms, and James the drama queen instructor, who once again seems determined to drive her insane. And just when she thought her relationship with Tate Wilson was doomed to the waste bin of missed opportunities, the romance heats up. And Jenny is more attracted than ever to the danger. But is this a good thing?

In Jenny Partridge, Roberts has created not so much a larger-than-life hero, but a true-to-life hero, who – like the rest of us – feels like she’s being pulled in six different directions at once while cleaning up everyone else’s messes. Jenny’s wit and willfulness are endearing qualities that keep you turning the pages to see how she muddles through each and every predicament. Once you get to know her, you can’t wait to see how things work out for this wacky dance detective.

This second book in the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery series is again the perfect crossover novel for teens. They’ll be star-struck by the behind-the-curtain look at the dance world. They’ll relate to Jenny’s cold feet as her romance with Tate sizzles. And they’ll totally get into putting together another puzzle in the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery series.

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