TV sucks? Don’t blame the writers

Posted on November 20, 2007


I’m not a member of the WGA, so technically I am not on strike. But I am a writer — a poorly paid one at that. And last week seemed like the perfect time to take a vacation in support of the writers’ strike. So I did.

I know. I know. You just dropped 5 grand for a 50-inch plasma and now there’s nothing on the damn thing. So before you go blaming the writers, please take a few minutes to understand the issues behind the strike.

Here’s the opening salvo from an article that I think best explains the reasons behind the strike. Yeah it’s all about money – but it’s really all about writers being able to make a decent living anymore.

Message to Hollywood: We Write — You Wrong
By Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

I’d like to thank my friends here at Absolute Write for allowing this reluctant revolutionary the opportunity to attempt an explanation of the Writer’s Guild of America 2007 strike as best I can. For those of you who are our audience — the people whom William Goldman once accurately termed The Ultimate Critics — you need to know this because the outcome will affect your life in ways that are different but no less profound than it will affect the lives of me, my friends, and our fellow screenwriters, as well as everyone else who works in our business …

Please click through and read the entire article to understand exactly how the entertainment industry uses and abuses writers.

You can keep up on what’s happening behind the scenes – what the MSM won’t tell you about – at the striking writers’ blogs:

United Hollywood

Deadline Hollywood

Strikepoint — East coast writers

You can also sign an online petition in support of the WGA – click here.

Even if you’re still really PO’d about the strike, sign the petition anyway. You get to send a comment with your name so you can seize the opportunity to get all that anger off your chest. Writers get heaped with blame and criticism all the time. We can take it.

In the meantime, watch hockey. Or turn off your TV and read a book.

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