Are there any online resources for teen writers?

Posted on March 31, 2008


My son is 14 and a very good writer. But he is sort of shy about his talent. I think it would help build his confidence if he could get some of his work published. I also think he should meet other writers his own age. But it seems like most of the writers groups are for adults and the web sites for young writers are geared toward younger kids. Are there any online resources for teen writers?

I think it’s terrific that you encourage your son’s writing talent! Young writers need lots of nurturing. 

Because of the internet, there are many more opportunities for young people to exercise their writing chops. Teens can gain confidence by meeting other young writers and also get their work published online. Most teens are familiar and comfortable with email and online chatting so this is the perfect medium to coax them out of their shells.
The Young Writers Club is geared for 7-15 year olds as a way for them to publish their work and learn new skills. Young Writer Magazine also offers opportunities for young writers to get their work published both online and in print. A good way to meet other writers online is through critique groups. Young Writers’ Clubhouse has a critique group and Writing up a Storm offers a critique group and a discussion board. Writing World’s Resources for Young Writers lists more young writers discussion and critique groups, along with links to markets and lots of other resources.

For young sci-fi writers, Resources for Teen Writers offers links to advice, contests, markets, workshops and more.

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