Review: Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love

Posted on August 25, 2008


Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love
By Amber Hinton
Illustrated by Gabreyhl Zintoll
June 2008
32 pages

Leo and Nico are having fun playing until they fight over the orange ball. Leo gets angry and shoves his brother which spoils everything. Leo wants to know why he gets angry. In his quest for answers he learns about a part of himself called Mister Ego who always wants his own way. Now if only Leo can find a way to put Mister Ego inside the Bubble of Love.

Children are often told to control their emotions. But how are they supposed to do that? There really is a better way. In this problem-solving tale, Hinton reveals anger as a perfectly normal emotion. But it feels pretty icky. Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love shows readers how to exercise their imaginations and easily change icky feelings into good feelings. As a fun, follow-up activity to reinforce this concept, parents and children could even construct a bubble of love.

The combination of Zintoll’s beautiful, dreamlike illustrations and Hinton’s engaging story creates a form of guided imagery which parents and children can read again and again when those icky feelings bubble up.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Peggy Tibbetts

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