Cobblestone Publishing not paying

Posted on January 10, 2009


Hope Clark is the editor and publisher of Funds for Writers website and newsletter. She shared with readers her recent experience with Cobblestone Publishing which amounts to significant news.

The following excerpt was written by Hope Clark and published in the lastest Funds for Writers newsletter:

Cobblestone Publishing is unable to pay writers at present. I prepared a piece for their Appleseeds Magazine, a project with my grandson for fun (payment only $75), and it published in December. I asked for copies and payment this week and was told not to expect payment in the immediate future due to “difficult financial times.” They cannot say when ANY writers will be paid, and the individual who notified me of this stated she was affected as well.

Cobblestone includes all these magazines, so be aware that payment isn’t assured if you choose to write for any of these:

APPLESEEDS – general history and cultures (for ages 6-9)
CALLIOPE – world history (for ages 9-14)
COBBLESTONE – American history (for ages 9-14)
DIG – archeology (for ages 9-14)
FACES – world cultures and geography (for ages 9-14)
ODYSSEY – science (for ages 9-14)
BABYBUG – for babies and toddlers
LADYBUG – for ages 2-6
SPIDER – for ages 6-9
CRICKET – for ages 9-14
CICADA – for ages 14 and up
CLICK – opening windows for young minds (for ages 3-6)
ASK – arts and sciences for kids (for ages 6-9)
MUSE – the magazine of life, the universe, and pie throwing
(for ages 9 and up)

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