Where can I find children’s ebook publishers?

Posted on July 9, 2009


I have written and illustrated an interactive children’s book. I think that the ebook format is the best way to publish my book. Where can I find children’s ebook publishers?

First of all, I suggest you look for children’s interactive book publishers. Publishers of children’s interactive books package their books in more than one format, such as ebook and CD. Therefore, a search for only children’s ebook publishers would be too narrow.

Visit your local library and ask the children’s librarian to show you interactive children’s books on CD. Look for books or products that are similar to yours and jot down the name of the publishers. You can find more information about those publishers by doing a Google search for the publisher’s web site, and look for submission guidelines on their web site. Or you can visit the web site, Colossal Directory of Children’s Publishers where you will find an alphabetical listing, plus links to the publishers’ web sites. The Publishing Central web site also publishes a list of children’s book publishers. They provide a description of the type of books published and links to their web sites. You can also find publishers’ guidelines in the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market . When in doubt, send a query letter describing your project to the appropriate editor.

When you submit to publishers, you must accept the fact that some publishers may only be interested in the idea and the text of your submission. The publisher might prefer to choose the illustrator, or even add music or animation. You will need to keep an open mind toward collaboration once a publisher expresses interest.

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