Review: Violet Wings

Posted on September 21, 2009


Violet Wings
By Victoria Hanley
Egmont USA
August 2009
368 pages

Zaria Tourmaline is not a typical teen. For one thing she’s an orphan whose parents and brother disappeared years ago. She lives with – of all people – her cranky teacher, Beryl Danburite. And she’s not exactly human. She is a lavender fairy with violet wings. On her 14th birthday, along with receiving the customary watch and wand, Zaria discovers that she possesses enormous magical powers. This shocking revelation immediately turns her world upside down. Her world is Tirfeyne, which is not typical either. Tirfeyne is located in Feyland, another dimension where fairies, genies, gnomes, leprechauns, trolls, and quite possibly a few trogs live. 

Zaria is not content to learn about her new abilities from her mentor, Lily Morganite whom she despises. She studies her mother’s spellbook which provides her with a comforting connection to her long lost family and an overwhelming desire to find out what happened to them. She and her friends sneak through an unauthorized portal to visit Earth where they experiment with casting spells on unsuspecting humans and wind up in more trouble than they could have ever imagined.

But fairies are charged with using their magic to do good in the world. Amid all the turmoil and mischief that surrounds her – not to mention the part she plays in it – Zaria unravels a mystery that involves her missing family. When everything seems lost, it is up to Zaria to make something good come from all of it.

Violet Wings is part fantasy, part mystery, part coming of age. All together Hanley takes readers on a fascinating journey into another realm with enough friends, family, scoundrels, rascals, plus those pesky rules and laws to stay engrossed without being overwhelmed. Genie historian Orville Gold’s narratives at the beginning of each chapter dispense Feyland fun facts and even some clues for the careful reader. Zaria and her friends are enchanting creatures who are just beginning to understand their own powers. Feyland is a mystical world that readers will long to return to again and again.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Peggy Tibbetts

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