Review: Horse Crazy 1: The Silver Horse Switch

Posted on October 13, 2009


Horse Crazy 1: The Silver Horse Switch
By Alison Lester
Illustrated by Roland Harvey
Chronicle Books
January 2009
64 pages

Sam and Bon are two lucky little girls. They live in Currawong Creek, a town full of horses they can fuss over and ride any time they want. There’s even a herd of wild horses, called brumbies living in the mountains nearby. What Sam really wants is a horse of her own. But when her dad’s friend gives them a horse named Drover, Sam quickly learns she’s not the horse for her. Then one morning they notice that Drover is not the anxious, unfriendly horse she used to be. What happened during the night that caused such a miraculous change in Drover?

This is the first book in the Horse Crazy series. Set in Australia, Horse Crazy 1: The Silver Horse Switch gives young readers a taste of rural life down under along with an engaging story about a spunky brumby with a mind of her own. Roland Harvey’s watercolor illustrations are charming and the map at the beginning is a great way for newcomers to learn their way around town. Young readers will go crazy over this appealing new series.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Peggy Tibbetts

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