Call for Submissions: U.S. Kids Magazines

Posted on October 26, 2009


At U.S. Kids we’re always in need of high-quality stories, articles, and activities with a broad health and fitness focus that includes kids’ emotional lives, interests, and educational needs. We offer our readers material in a variety of formats: fiction, nonfiction, poems, puzzles, crafts, recipes, games, and activities.

We are most interested in wholesome, positive, lighthearted, and well-written pieces that encourage and educate our readers and, in the words of our mission statement, promote their “healthy physical, educational, creative, social, and emotional growth in a format that is engaging, stimulating, and entertaining at each stage of development.” Although our emphasis is on health, we certainly use material with more general themes, including holiday and seasonal poems. Please avoid reference to sugary foods, such as candy, cakes, cookies, and soft drinks. Please send seasonal material at least eight months in advance.

Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids (ages 3-5):
We are accepting short fiction stories (350 words or less); nonfiction activities that introduce and reinforce measuring, counting, reading, nature, simple science, etc. (200 words or less); poems (4-12 lines); short rebuses (100 words or less); easy recipes; crafts; and finger plays/action rhymes (250 words or less).

Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine (ages 5-7):
We are accepting poems (4-12) lines; crafts; recipes; activities; rebuses; and simple, age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction of no more than 450 words.

Jack and Jill (ages 8-12):
We are accepting queries and full manuscripts for fiction, nonfiction, poems, puzzles, crafts, and activities. Fiction and nonfiction should not exceed 700 words. Poems should be no more than 30 lines. We are especially interested in profiles of regular kids in our age group who are engaged in unusual, challenging, or interesting activities. No celebrity pieces.

Turtle & Humpty Dumpty: up to 35¢/word
Jack and Jill: up to 25¢ a word
Poetry: $25 to $50
Photos: $15.00 minimum
Puzzles and games: $25 minimum

Rights: All rights

How to Submit: By mail to U.S.Kids, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206

U.S. Kids Submission Guidelines

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