Review: Warriors in the Crossfire

Posted on April 8, 2010


Warriors in the Crossfire
By Nancy Bo Flood
Front Street
March 2010
142 pages

During World War II, the island of Saipan was occupied by the Japanese military until US warships and jet fighters arrived in the spring of 1944. Bombing raids erupted and a ferocious battle ensued which nearly wiped out the entire country. This is the tale of two best friends and cousins, Joseph and Kento. The 13-year old boys hunted turtles and pretended they were Samurai warriors until the war came to their tiny island. From then on their warrior mission grew up because they had to rescue their land and its gentle people from extinction.

In Joseph and Kento, Nancy Bo Flood has created two highly likeable characters to be our guides into a flourishing island paradise and eventually through one of the most horrific battles in the Pacific during World War II. To view war’s destruction through the eyes of an indigenous people caught in the crossfire is haunting. However the remarkable story of Joseph and Kento’s leadership and bravery shines through the darkness of their plight. Flood has done an admirable job of portraying a difficult event in history. Warriors in the Crossfire is both a gripping saga and a touching memorial to the native people of Saipan.

Copyright (c) 2010 by Peggy Tibbetts

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