Review: A Home for Mr. Easter

Posted on May 6, 2010


A Home for Mr. Easter
By Brooke A. Allen
NBM Publishing
June 2010
197 pages

In the most popular graphic novels, a social outcast develops extraordinary abilities and performs heroic deeds. Tesana is a tubby teen who is all caught up in her own little comic book hero fantasy world. In her real world she has no friends. She’s a target for bullies. A real loser. Until one day she barges in on the pep rally committee meeting and discovers a bunny that lays colored eggs. When the super jock wants the bunny back, Tesana morphs into her comic book hero alter ego and fights back. She escapes with Mr. Easter and begins a raucous journey to take him back home. Pursued by mob of madcap characters, her fantasy world gradually swallows up her real world in her crusade to save the bunny.

While the plot seems, at times, over the top, it contains enough rollicking hilarity to make it campy. Allen’s black & white panels are vivid and action-packed, which keeps the story moving at a breathless pace. Tesana is a comical, animal loving super hero with a gi-normous – uh – heart. She will definitely grow on you. A Home for Mr. Easter is witty and fun to read.  

Copyright (c) 2010 by Peggy Tibbetts

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