Review: Hurricane Mia

Posted on August 26, 2010


Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure
By Donna Marie Seim
Illustrated by Susan Spellman
Peapod Press
June 2010
157 pages

While their mom is dying of leukemia, Mia and her younger brother Jack are whisked off to a remote Caribbean island to spend the summer with Gram and Gramps. With her plans for summer camp ruined and worried about her mom, Mia is stuck in “poor me” mode. She moans and groans about everything. She defies her Gram and sneaks into town where she makes a new friend in Neisha, an island girl. Neisha tells her about Auntie Cecilia, a wise woman who makes a “tea that cures everythin’”. Mia decides she must get some of that tea to save her mom. But the woman lives on another island so she drags Neisha and Jack on a reckless and hair-raising adventure out on the high seas.

Hurricane Mia is a tale of comeuppance many tweens will relate to. Seim’s portrayal of island life and its peoples is vivid. She shows readers the inconveniences and the dangers, as well as the idyllic side. The inclusion of Spellman’s drawings – especially the map – add to the story’s allure. Seim has also added a glossary, references, plus activities and discussion questions which challenge middle grade readers’ imaginations.

Copyright (c) 2010 by Peggy Tibbetts

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