Help! How should I promote my new book?

Posted on December 10, 2010


My first middle grade novel will be published in five months. My editor just emailed me and asked for a list of things I plan to do to promote my new book. Help! I don’t know where to begin. How should I promote my new book?

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new book!

I feel your panic. My new middle grade novel, Letters to Juniper will be released in ebook in early 2011. I, too, am gearing up to promote my book.

I can give you plenty of suggestions but you can easily become overwhelmed by it all. Since you’re a beginner at this promotion stuff I think you will find Dotti Enderle’s 3-part series on promotional ideas for all writers, especially children’s writers, is a good place to begin.  I like this series because she starts with the basics. As the author of more than two dozen books, she tells you what works for her.

Part one, “Advice from a Promo Ho” focuses on the importance of a web site and how to make it work for you. In part two “Get it in Print”, Dotti offers some excellent ideas and resources for effective print promotion, including postcards and bookmarks. In her final installment, “Advice from a Promo Ho: Part III”, she suggests some wacky ways to stand out from the crowd with book signings and radio interviews. Dotti’s wit and experience help take the panic out of book promotion.

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