Review: jesus freakz + buddha punx

Posted on May 12, 2011


jesus freakz + buddha punx
By M.E. Purfield
Trash Books/Smashwords
April 2011
Kindle edition: 201 KB

Patty Gee’s Pentecostal faith gave her strength and happiness after her mother’s death. Her faith also pleases her father, a deeply troubled zealot. It’s easy to see why she clings to God. Her faith also makes her the target of bullies. One day Zenaida accuses Patty of looking at her boyfriend Tommy and punches her out. A Spanish-speaking black girl named Miggy comes to her aid, but Patty is too traumatized to respond. Overcome with the Holy Spirit at church on Sunday, Patty confesses to the congregation her belief that God has sent Miggy to her. When Miggy pursues her, Patty is further convinced their friendship is ordained by God. Even though they clash on so many different levels, in Miggy, Patty finds a friend who accepts her for who she is. Her often humorous observations – especially of classmates – betray the confusion she feels about her own life. jesus freakz + buddha punx is a quirky sort of spiritual journey challenging readers to think beyond beliefs and stereotypes and see that friendship comes in all lifestyles.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Peggy Tibbetts

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