Letters to Juniper now in paperback!

Posted on May 18, 2011


Now available in paperback at Amazon.com

Only $2.99 in Kindle edition

More reviews:

“I won’t spoil the ending but this book is brilliant. Not only does Peggy get into the mind of a young adult, and does it so well, she also tells the story through letters — not many people can write in that style successfully. She slowly allowed the story to unfold, giving us enough information in each chapter to keep us interested to read ‘just one more letter’ then hits us with an ending I can only describe as similar to the surprise kick in the movie Sixth Sense — the reader knows something else is going on but didn’t quiet expect that ending.

“The is book is fantastic, unique and well-written — a true gem of a book.”

Read the full review by Chynna Laird, author of Blackbird Flies. Visit Chynna’s blog:  The Gift Blog


“Peggy Tibbetts’ middle grade novel Letters to Juniper is an engaging story that will either enrage you or shock you, but will definitely hook you on a young girl’s emotional journey towards truth …
— Read the full review at M.E. Purfield’s blog, author of jesus freakz + buddha punx

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