Stories for Children accepting submissions

Posted on June 17, 2011


Stories for Children Magazine is an online ezine for children ages 3 to 12 years old. Each issue contains stories and articles based on age-appropriate reading levels. Also included are puzzles, games, children’s book reviews, crafts, and poems. One thing that sets ezine apart is they also publish stories written and illustrated by children and teens. Writers and illustrators both are wanted and should refer to the website for complete Submission Guidelines.

Read an interview with Assistant Fiction Editor Roxanne Werner – Stories for Children: On the Hunt for Strong Characters and Contemporary Multicultural Voices

Fiction Categories

Read Aloud Stories (ages 3-6): 150 – 400 words
Early Readers (ages 7-9):  400 – 800 words
Middle Readers (ages 10-12):  500 – 1200 words

Note: No rhyming prose in story format will be accepted.

Poems & Rebuses:  Poetry should not exceed 16 lines. A rebus should not exceed 250 words.

Nonfiction Categories

Discovery (ages 3-6): 150 – 400 words
How and Why (ages 7-9): 400 – 800 words
Tell Me More (ages 10-12): 500 – 1200 words

Puzzles/Games:  One page

Arts & Crafts/Recipes:  One page and attach a photo of the finished project

Payment:  $5.00 (No payment for youth contributers)

Rights:  FNAR, reprint, electronic, and anthology rights

Reprints:  Yes

How to submit:  By email only

Before submitting, please read and follow Submission Guidelines

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