Review: A Job From Hell

Posted on July 8, 2011


A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends Book One)
By Jayde Scott
May 2011
424 pages

If you love hot, paranormal romance and sexy vampires, Jayde Scott has a brand new series just for you. In this first book in the Ancient Legends series, we learn from the start the “job from hell” is a housekeeping job in the dreary old McAllister mansion far from civilization in Scotland. But all is not what it seems from the moment 17-year old Amber arrives. Soon after, her conniving brother Dallas shows up and cons her into going after a cache of gems hidden nearby. Amber goes along with it and is unwittingly infected with magical powers in the process. From then on she is drawn to her boss, Aidan McAllister and his world of vampires and Shadows and demonic angels. Amber is tough and witty. Aidan is the right amount of aloof and hungry. But beyond these two characters are Devon, Dallas, Cass, Clare, Kieran, and more – each unique and oozing with possibilities for more to come. Scott uses a cast of intriguing characters – far more interesting and unpredictable than the Twilight series – to lure readers into a supernatural otherworld full of seduction and danger at every turn.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Peggy Tibbetts

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