Review: David and the Heart of Aurasius

Posted on October 17, 2011


David and the Heart of Aurasius
Book One in the World of Esmorde Series

By R.J. Timmis
Zeus Publications
June 2011
249 pages

David’s parents aren’t getting along so they drop him off with Grandma while they work out their problems. His grandma lives in Blackwater, a little village in the middle-of-nowhere Australia. She knits doilies, collects potato peelers, and has a bulldog named McFluff. David is certain he will die of boredom and longs for an adventure. One day a lorikeet lures him through a hidden glen to a hollow oak tree. When he enters the tree, he falls through the floor into the world of Esmorde. In his fall, David also destroys the Arch Room, his only way back home to the “otherworld”. For that he is put on trial where he learns the ancient land has been cursed by the death of an evil, red dragon named Aurasisus. When he was killed by a warrior Aurasius’s heart was turned to stone and the inhabitants of Esmorde, including humans, half-humans half-elves, animans, and several other unusual species, will eventually be turned to dust. They are led by Elder Nei and are awaiting the hero from the otherworld who is prophesied to appear and save them from the curse. But no one, including David, believes he is that hero. So David is sent on a harrowing journey with his three new friends Jeeka, Scud, and Tahn, to open up a Second Door to the otherworld for the real hero to enter. David and the Heart of Aurasius is the first book in the World of Esmorde series. The inclusion of Timmis’s drawings – especially the map – add to this story’s allure. Timmis has combined a vivid fantasy world with breath-taking, action-packed adventure into a page turner that will leave readers wanting more.  — Copyright (c) 2011 by Peggy Tibbetts

Advice from a Caterpillar Featured Author: R.J. Timmis

R.J. – aka Rebecca – Timmis lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has always wanted to be a writer. Her first-ever story centered very suspiciously around a young girl whisked off to a magical land by a tornado, although she was six when she wrote it and convinced it was spelled “tomato”.

Rebecca would be more than happy to live eternally at her keyboard and drawing desk. She has dabbled in animation, web and graphic design, children’s writing and illustration, and everything in-between. She loves new ideas and places and (when she can afford to) jets off around the globe having grand adventures, like nearly falling off the Great Wall of China and almost losing a toe in Vietnam (ok, so it was just a toenail). David and the Heart of Aurasius is the first in a series of five books.

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