Character Publishing now accepting manuscripts

Posted on February 16, 2012


At Character Publishing, their books are categorized by the qualities they enhance in children, “taking the mystery (and riskiness) out of shopping for children’s books”. If you are interested in submitting manuscripts or artwork to Character Publishing for consideration, take a moment to become familiar with the company’s mission and website. If your manuscript does not specifically nurture a specific trait, it’s probably not for them. They are looking for manuscripts that enhance positive character traits for middle grade readers and younger.

Publisher Jerusha Bosarge says, “I have never appreciated the value of a query letter. I will read them if necessary, but if it’s all the same to you, I would prefer to spend my time simply reading a cover letter and the manuscript. Thanks!”

Payment:  Advance plus royalties contract for authors; flat fee for illustrators

Rights:  Authors retain all rights; Character Publishing purchases all rights to illustrations

Submissions:  By mail or email (no attachments)

For more information please read Character Publishing Submission Guidelines

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