PFC Liberty Stryker is fast-paced and arresting

Posted on March 12, 2012


Reviewed by Lisa Bracken author of You and What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice. Visit Lisa Bracken’s website.

After losing her beloved father to the terrorist attacks of 9-11, Libby Stryker joined the Army looking for swift revenge. But satisfaction became secondary to surviving her choice to enlist. Her disintegrating relationship with her alcoholic mother is swept behind her as she trades collegiate life for a position in a troop support convoy in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Struggling to maintain her sexual independence and identity within a culture largely irreverent to the role of female soldiers, Libby readily defines herself by the conditions to which she must adapt. And adapt she does, reaching deep to discover the skills she’ll need to survive the road trip from hell across the Iraq desert on a secret mission to Baghdad wherein she is at once prisoner-of-war and co-conspirator.

Despite overcoming hardships of every kind, nothing could prepare Libby for the bone-chilling secret she uncovers on her journey; the sudden recovery of her innermost self; or, the taste of freedom that awaits as she reaches for the destiny that was hers all along.

In PFC Liberty Stryker, skillfully woven words reflect the jarring mood and reality deeply embedded in this fast-paced, arresting story. Peggy Tibbetts will keep readers anxiously turning pages with this first person, authentically gritty account of the life a female grunt deftly navigating the knife edge of modern military culture at a time when war and emergent adulthood irrevocably collide. ~ Copyright 2012 by Lisa Bracken

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