Review: Letters From the Ledge

Posted on April 10, 2012


Letters From the Ledge
By Lynda Meyers
Hallway 11
March 2012
388 pages

Seventeen-year old Brendan Evans has lost his first love, Tess. She committed suicide. Stuck inside his grief, Brendan spends hours every night out on the ledge of his Madison Avenue apartment building writing letters to her. But he’s not alone. Sixteen-year old Sarah watches him from her bedroom window as she writes in her journal. She has lost her younger brother to cancer and feels stifled by fear most of the time. Then there’s Paige and Nate who watch Sarah watching Brendan. Paige was brutally beaten and raped two years earlier. She still feels trapped by the terrifying memories. A new work assignment for Paige opens up a contact with Brendan. A chance meeting brings Sarah and Brendan face-to-face. Each connection offers Brendan a chance to save his life. Will he clean up his act or will he take the leap instead?

Lynda Meyers weaves these characters’ lives into an intriguing story about life and loss and the powerful desire of the human spirit to fly free. Letters From the Ledge is a book for all ages – especially teens – because it shows you can recover from anything. Life really does get better.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Peggy Tibbetts

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