Review: Killer Instincts

Posted on July 1, 2012


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Killer Instincts
By Natalie R. Collins
Sisterhood Publications
June 2012
Kindle edition

Natalie Collins is famous for her mysteries that pull back the Mormon curtain. In Killer Instincts she reveals a whole new dimension. Cassie Clark has suffered the unthinkable. She survived a car crash in which her husband and three children were killed. After six months in the hospital and rehab center she returns home with a broken spirit and her faith in Mormonism shattered. On top of that, the only person left to care for her is her estranged mother. Wracked with pain and plagued with terrifying visions, Cassie watches helplessly as what’s left of her life explodes around her. An old friend from the past, Ray Nez shows up but by then she is no longer certain whom she can trust. Bodies are piling up and Cassie has reason to believe she could be next. Or perhaps she has simply lost her mind. Native American and Mormon cultures collide in this well-crafted whodunit. Collins’ brilliant plotting takes readers through a maze of clues, red herrings, and a long list of likely suspects to an astonishing climax. Killer Instincts doesn’t just keep readers guessing, it could make them question their own sanity.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Peggy Tibbetts

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