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Posted on September 10, 2012


Reviewed by Katie French

PFC Liberty Stryker
By Peggy Tibbetts
Sisterhood Publications
January 2012
364 pages

PFC Liberty Stryker by Peggy Tibbetts grabs you right from the start and does not let go. The story opens with Libby Stryker in a military convoy in Iraq. The swearing, lingo-talking Libby fits in with her male counterparts right from the start. It’s clear she has a lot to prove and prove it she will. Her past has been rocky, including her father’s death at the Pentagon during 911 and sexual assault by superiors once enlisted. You can’t help but feel sympathetic for Libby and situation. And you understand her motives for going to war and risking her life. You are ready to go along for the ride with Libby through the dangerous streets of Baghdad.

The thing I appreciated the most about this book is the amount of extensive research that went into its creation. While reading it I kept thinking it seemed like a direct account from someone who’d been on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The lingo, acronyms and small details (things like the food they ate or the Iraqi slang they used) seemed too real to me. I love books that transport you to a new world and let you learn something about the world in which we live. This book did just that.

Overall, even though this book is outside the normal genre in which I read, I found myself enjoying it and learning from it. War is compelling and Tibbetts does her all to take us there. It is suitable for mature teens and adults for language, violence and references to rape.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Katie French

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