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Posted on September 21, 2012


Hothouse Fiction is a London based fiction creation company. Over the last few years they’ve sold more than 20 different children’s fiction series to major publishing houses.

The latest series, Into the Wild is set in the United States. The series can is described as The Dangerous Book for Boys made fiction. Aimed at boys aged 9-12, it features the adventures of two brothers from a trailer park in Pittsburgh, who must survive in the wilds of Wyoming as they search for their long-lost father.

Editor Jonny Leighton reports:

“The way we work when seeking authors is as follows: We ask for a sample from several writers in order to determine which writer/s may have a good fit with the concept. As it is a try-out, we do not pay for this initial sample. Once we have read the initial samples received, we decide internally between us which sample is the best fit. We then commission that writer to write some additional chapters for an agreed fee. At this point we then edit all the written chapters, and submit these, together with the full publishing proposal, to all the major UK and US publishers. When the series is sold, we commission our chosen writer to write the full manuscript for a further fee.

“For this initial sample stage for Into the Wild, I am asking writers who are interested in being considered to writer Chapter 5 or 6, and Chapter 10 as per the brief. (Please contact me via email for the writer’s brief.) The brief includes character descriptions, and a full chapter-by-chapter outline of book 1 in the series. The chapters should be a maximum of 2000 words each, and the deadline for submission of this sample will be Thursday, 4th October. (I realise this deadline is tight, if there is anyone who wants to submit but can’t make this, then please just let me know and we can try and accommodate).”

To receive a copy of the writer’s brief, of you have any questions email Jonny Leighton:

Hothouse Fiction

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