Review: The Scarlet Omen

Posted on September 26, 2012


The Scarlet Omen
By Cinthia Koeksal
Parker Publishing, Inc.
June 2012
234 pages

Like any normal sixteen-year old, Anjeli Xavier has her share of troubles. She fights with mom. Her boyfriend’s parents don’t approve of her. She is also plagued by dreams and visions of vampires and evil spirits. But Anjeli lives in the magical and superstitious land of Malaysia where creatures can materialize in broad daylight to haunt their victims.

At her sister Priya’s wedding, Angjeli falls head over heels for the groom’s brother Mark. But not long after the wedding her mother dies from a heart attack. Wracked with guilt and grief, Anjeli sinks into a deep depression. Mark convinces her that a trip to Kuching in Borneo, where she lived as a young child with her mother, will re-kindle happier memories. On a mountain hiking trip, Anjeli slips and falls during a torrential rainstorm and loses her way. She seeks shelter in a cave which turns out to be the doorway to the mysterious land of Lembah Kenyalang.

There Anjeli discovers the world of her dreams and visions which is populated with a talking bear and cobra, a blind catfish, dragons, fairies, mermaids, miniature elephants, blue baboons, plus hundreds more exotic creatures and unusual spirits. Yet an unspeakable evil threatens this mythical land. The Blood Witch and her daughter, Lady Suriya rule the skies with their armies of Pontianak Susu – the vampires. The inhabitants of Lembah Kenyalang believe Anjeli is the Nirupita, the chosen one who has come to fulfill the prophecy. But Anjeli is not convinced. The handsome Prince Kayanya of the Lake People persuades her to join him in defeating the armies of vampires. Will Anjeli fulfill her destiny or fall victim to Suriya’s spells?

The Scarlet Omen transports readers on a fantastic journey to Malaysia and beyond. Cinthia Koeksal cleverly weaves ancient myth into a thoroughly modern teen’s life to create an engrossing supernatural saga. Readers will be spellbound and will want to learn more about the mystical wonders of Lembah Kenyalang.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Peggy Tibbetts

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