Beginning reader books needed for educational market

Posted on November 27, 2012


Reading Reading Books is a publisher of leveled books for the educational market. At this time, they are looking for manuscript submissions for fiction or non-fiction independent reading books for young children ages 5-7. Stories must have a clear beginning, middle, and end. They should also contain language/vocabulary appropriate for beginning readers. Positive or humorous endings are preferred. The text should be able to be formatted into 8-16 pages. Series proposals are welcome.

Length: 300 words or less

Payment:  Pays flat fee in advance of publication. Compensation is contingent upon several factors including: the quality of the piece, the length of the piece, experience of the author, the potential for the work to develop into a series.

Reprints:  No

Rights:  Purchases all rights (including copyright)

Submissions:  Submit text of manuscript in body of email (no attachments) to:

Visit the Reading Reading Books website to see their catalog of books.

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