Review: War Dogs

Posted on April 25, 2013


War-Dogs-coverWar Dogs:  Churchill & Rufus
By Kathryn Selbert
February 2013
48 pages

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a tenacious leader through World War II. A champion of the people, they called him the British Bulldog. Contrary to popular belief, Churchill never owned a bulldog. He preferred the company of brown miniature poodles.

War Dogs is the story of the British Bulldog’s leadership during World War II as seen through the eyes of his faithful comrade, Rufus, a brown miniature poodle. When Churchill was hard at work in the bunker under the city of London, or speaking at the House of Commons, or walking the bomb-damaged streets, Rufus was there by his side. Through the trials and tribulations of war, Rufus offered the kind of comfort and companionship only man’s best friend could give. Selected quotations from Churchill’s speeches appear on the pages like notes pinned to a bulletin board. They reveal the British Bulldog’s enduring love for the people and his compassion for their suffering, whether citizens or soldiers. Kathryn Selbert’s method of presenting the war from a dog’s point of view is uniquely charming.

Selbert’s acrylic and collage 2-page spreads depict the scope and drama of the British defense against the German invasion, as well as the love and devotion between Rufus and Churchill. End pages include a World War II timeline, more back story about Churchill and his poodles, plus many more resources about Churchill and World War II. Join this irresistible pair of War Dogs for a compelling journey through World War II history. ~ Copyright (c) 2013 by Peggy Tibbetts


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