Review: The Stolen Dog

Posted on June 7, 2013


stolen dog coverThe Stolen Dog
By Tricia O’Malley
Park & Stowell Publishing
May 2013

Briggs, a 2-year old Boston terrier was the light of Tricia and Josh O’Malley’s lives. The day he was stolen from their deck in broad daylight in a Milwaukee neighborhood, their world was turned upside down. Tricia wasted little time shifting into high gear. She made use of her savvy marketing and social networking skills. She enlisted the help of friends to distribute thousands of flyers through Milwaukee neighborhoods. She broadcast Briggs’ plight on Facebook. As the word spread, radio and TV stations contacted her. From then on the stolen dog story went viral.

Throughout the author’s 17-day ordeal, she seemed to be led on a sort of spiritual journey, in which she witnessed human energy and psychic energy cross paths in some fascinating and unusual ways. Though she endured thoughtless deeds from all directions, a random act of kindness always appeared around the next corner. She surrounded herself by people who believed in her cause and she never gave up hope even when faced with a detour.

On a discouraging day that began with a park ranger chewing her out for posting flyers along the lakefront, Tricia was contacted by a man who said he found a Boston terrier that might or might not be her dog. She didn’t find Briggs that time. But she did find a frightened young Boston terrier in dire need of rescue – and an emotional dilemma. Would helping the rescue pup take away from her search for Briggs?

Even though Briggs is absent from the scene, O’Malley affectionately peppers the narrative with enough memories of his quirks and habits to get readers rooting for him. But the little rescue pup totally steals the show. The Stolen Dog is an inspiring true story of one woman’s spunky determination to step through invisible, inner-city cultural barriers to bring back her beloved Briggs.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Peggy Tibbetts

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