Peek into the world of canine mental illness

Posted on June 13, 2013


crazyBitch71Crazy Bitch.

The title made me laugh at first. I enjoyed the pun. Little did I know the seriousness of the ride on which this story would take me.

Crazy Bitch follows the author through her journey of living with a dog that has canine compulsive disorder. It is an eye-opening, knowledge-inducing peek into the world of canine mental illness. Not only was the story engaging, it had me stopping several times to take notes and to investigate training methods that I would like to learn more about. It is with great care, compassion, and serious dedication that the author learns how to train and manage this disorder in her dog, Venus.

Crazy Bitch.

These words. This title. It holds more weight than just a reference to canine mental illness. There is a deeper, darker theme of craziness in the town in which the author so valiantly fights to protect her dog. The theme of bullying ends up striking a deeper, more discordant chord. It isn’t just the bullying of humans — it is about bullying and discrimination against animals. It is about the misconceptions and fear those have of mental illness. No one will read this book and remain untouched.

This book is a lesson in itself. A lesson on love, understanding, and the willingness to protect an animal above anything else. Kudos to the author for sharing this story with the world. It needs to be heard. Shame on the town of Silt for not standing by one of their own.

Tibbetts is a wonderfully engaging writer, allowing us to peek into the hearts and souls of her beautiful dogs. The story carries you along on a journey where you are rooting heavily for the author’s family.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Tricia O’Malley, author of The Stolen Dog

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