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Posted on September 24, 2013


Escargot books logoEscargot Books was founded by a group of authors: Terence Stamp (actor/author), and authors Richard LaPlante, Peter Mayle, Kevin Cotter. Together their fiction and nonfiction books have collectively sold millions of copies. An independent company dedicated to quality, Escargot discovers and presents fresh talent by branching out into other formats and media.

Publisher Richard LaPlante expresses his view of publishing in the digital age:

The digital age is here and opportunities are ripe for online exposure and publication.

I personally remember spotting a dozen of my own paperbacks on sale at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. By the time I’d bought a newspaper and a bottle of water, they were gone. Not sold, but replaced by the next delivery of ‘bestsellers.’

“You had sixteen hours,” the store’s manager explained to me. “That’s a long time in an airport.”

Two years to write, sixteen hours to sell.

We can do better than that. Paying attention to the artist. Delving into each of them, finding out what experiences have influenced their work and why they are compelled to write. Ensuring that the relationship between the writer and the reader is a personal one, while publishing the very best books in digital, paper and audio format.

Escargot Books is now accepting submissions in the following genres:

Crime novels ranging from dark thrillers to cozy mysteries
Women’s fiction
Health and fitness
Children’s books
Science fiction and dystopian

They accept agented and unagented submissions.

Escargot Books does not offer an advance, payment in royalties only. Books are published in digital format. Some books will be chosen for print and/or audio as well.

For the online submission form go to Escargot Books Submission Guidelines

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