Review: Mr. Wuffles!

Posted on September 30, 2013


mr. wuffles coverMr. Wuffles!
By David Wiesner
Clarion Books
October 2013
32 pages

Mr. Wuffles is a black and white cat with a lot of toys, and he’s not particularly interested in any of them. Until one day a miniature spaceship catches his eye. Come to find out the spaceship is not a toy after all. Inside, the five green aliens – which sort of look like grasshoppers dressed in robes – are terrified as Mr. Wuffles playfully bats their vessel around the room. The aliens manage to escape their damaged ship but Mr. Wuffles is onto them. Then just as he’s about to pounce, a flying ladybug distracts him and the aliens flee under the radiator. Inside the walls of the house they meet up with an insect colony that has depicted their long war with the cat in pictographs on the wall. In turn the aliens, who don’t speak bug language, illustrate their skirmish with the cat in pictographs. Friendship ensues. They pose for pictures and share a cracker. Together they devise an ingenious plan to repair the spaceship and foil Mr. Wuffles so the green aliens can make a clean getaway.

As with the insects and aliens, Wiesner tells this delightful story in pictures consisting of colorful cartoon frames done in watercolor and India ink. There is no narrative and most of the dialogue is alien and insect language that young readers will have fun trying to decode. The pages of Mr. Wuffles! are jam-packed with humor, mischief, and action. The joy of Wiesner’s unique storytelling method is each time readers open the book they will certainly discover subtle details they missed the last time and want to return again and again.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Peggy Tibbetts

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