Review: The Second Chance Dog

Posted on November 25, 2013


second chance dog coverThe Second Chance Dog: A Love Story
By Jon Katz
Ballantine Books
November 2013
288 pages

Jon Katz has written several dogoirs, or dog memoirs. The stories usually revolve around how a dog has changed his life in some way. In The Second Chance Dog, Katz changes a dog’s life. The story is fairly simple. During Katz’s divorce and mid-life crisis, he meets a young artist named Maria. Their shared love of art and nature fuels their friendship. As their relationship grows, eventually Katz wants to spend more time with Maria. But there’s a big problem. Her name is Frieda. She’s an 80-pound Rottweiler shepherd mix who behaves more like Maria’s bodyguard than her pet. If Katz is to have any hope for a future with Maria he must tame the wild beast. One can argue with his methods, but certainly not with the results. Be sure to watch the You Tube video Katz made of Frieda. It’s hard to believe she is the same wild dog he describes. While it’s true that most of the book is about Katz’s relationship with Maria, it is his love for her that causes him to focus on her hyper-vigilant dog. In the process, he doesn’t just change Frieda, he transforms her. The Second Chance Dog is a tale of hope and redemption. ~ Copyright (c) 2013 by Peggy Tibbetts


crazy bitch thumbAnother kind of love story for dog lovers …

Crazy Bitch is a great read. Not only is it an excellent look into the world of canine mental illness, but also in coping with bully behavior. Tibbetts writes in a style that draws you in, as if you’re a friend. Within a few pages, you’ll find yourself caring more than perhaps you’d like to about Venus and cheering on the author in her quest to provide her dog with the best life possible.” ~ Sue Kottwitz, Talking Dogs Blog

Crazy Bitch is one book dog lovers won’t want to put down.”

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Also in paperback.

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