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Posted on February 17, 2014


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Issue #36 — February 13, 2014

The Magazine publishes five medium-length articles every two weeks on a wide variety of subjects of interest to curious people. Their first issue was published in October 2012. Editor & Publisher Glenn Fleishman says, “We aim to publish articles for curious people with a technical bent.”

Every story in The Magazine should have:

  • A bit of geekery, but not necessarily modern technology.
  • A strong sense of narrative.
  • A catchy lead (or “lede”).
  • Something unique, something fresh.
  • Facts verified.

Even though they publish only nonfiction prose (with a couple very rare exceptions), they want a story to have the flow of fiction. Stories should contain an emotional and personal center around which facts accrue, rather than being a set of facts that happens to have people in it.

They strongly recommend that writers read The Magazine before submitting a pitch. Subscribe to their writing announcement list and receive updates about article topics of interest and other writing-related stuff.

The Magazine on Medium collection gives writers the opportunity to submit shorter, personal essays about a significant and/or compelling event or circumstance. These are usually first person essays. All the stories on the Medium are free.

Length:  1,500 – 2,000 words for narrative features; 500 – 1,000 for essays/humor or stories for the Medium collection

Payment:  $500 for essays; $800 for articles; $150 for the Medium

Rights:  Exclusive right to publish an article from submission until 60 days following its publication

Submissions:  Submit pitches for articles using the online submission form. Submit final draft for essays and/or humor.

As always, please follow the specific guidelines for submission at Writing for The Magazine

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