Review: The Mystery of the Missing Ming

Posted on April 21, 2014


MissingMing coverThe Mystery of the Missing Ming: Cedar Creek Mystery Book Two
By Anne Loader McGee
Vendera Publishing
January 2014
158 pages

In Book Two of the Cedar Creek Mystery series teen detective Mallory Gilmartin unravels another mind-boggling mystery in this not-so-boring little town. Someone has stolen Edna May Florentine’s priceless Ming vase. But the police handcuff the 83-year old librarian and cart her off to jail. Mallory’s plucky Grandma Aggie bails her friend out of jail with the money she saved as a down payment on opening her own tea shop. So, not only does Mallory have to find out who stole the Ming vase but she has to do it before the other interested party buys the tea shop out from under Aggie. With the clock ticking, Mallory enlists the help of Kyle, her reluctant partner in crime solving, and of course Aggie as they dig up the skeletons in the closet of yet another quirky Cedar Creek family. Once again Anne McGee combines one crime with a dollop of history and a hint of the paranormal into a winning recipe for mystery. The Mystery of the Missing Ming is every mystery lover’s cup of tea. ~ Copyright (c) 2014 by Peggy Tibbetts



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