Crazy Bitch receives Kindle Award for Noteworthy Nonfiction

Posted on July 15, 2014


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crazy bitch thumbCrazy Bitch is a great read.  Not only is it an excellent look into the world of canine mental illness, but also in coping with bully behavior. Tibbetts writes in a style that draws you in, as if you’re a friend.  Within a few pages, you’ll find yourself caring more than perhaps you’d like to about Venus and cheering on the author in her quest to provide her dog with the best life possible.” ~ read the review by Sue Kottwitz at Talking Dogs Blog


“Have you ever heard that expression: “You can’t MAKE this stuff up”? …That was the first thought in my mind when I finished Crazy Bitch, and I’m pretty sure you will have it too … I believe this book is a necessary addition to canine-learning libraries everywhere, and it is my sincere hope that it will be.” ~ read the review at Pet Daily Press


“Dogs ‘talk’ to us. Humans are not good listeners. We should all study this story to better understand the K9 partners in our lives.” ~  Jeff Ezell,  Search, Rescue, and Recovery K9 Handler (Ret.) Read the review


“I recommended it to a bunch of dog training friends, it makes a great cautionary tale for people that get cross bred dogs with less than domestic breeds. Its not a common situation, but I see a few a year, and wish the owners could spare them selves the pain. Now I have a book they can read , so maybe they will not go down this road.” ~ Justine Merrill, professional dog trainer


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Also in paperback.

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