Review: Frostborn

Posted on August 4, 2014


Frostborn cover

Frostborn (Thrones and Bones)
By Lou Anders
Crown Books for Young Readers
August 2014
336 pages

Karn and Thianna are as strikingly different as any two 12-year olds could possibly be. Karn hails from Norrøngard, a mythical Norse country. Destined to become a farmer, he faces a future of slopping pigs and bartering at the local market. In the meantime, clever Karn is obsessed with playing Thrones and Bones, a board game which happens to be the locals’ favorite pastime. Unbeknownst to him, his Uncle Ori plots and plans a wicked game of this own which is about to turn Karn’s life inside out.

Thianna is half-giant, half-human, and seven feet tall, which is small for a giant but she’s still growing. Born and raised with the giants on Gunnlod’s Plateau in the Ymerian Mountains, Thianna knows only a little about her human mother who died. But she is about to learn a whole lot more when a flock of warrior women swoop into her village to take back what they deem to be their property.

In the midst of their crossed purposes, Karn and Thianna cross paths and destiny takes over. Their otherwise boring lives become a non-stop, action-packed adventure that includes close encounters with sprites, farting trolls, one enormous rude dragon, wyverns (flying reptiles), and the dreaded After Walkers.

Frostborn is the first book in the Thrones and Bones series. The actual rules of the game are included in the end notes. Anders weaves game strategy throughout the story, which adds a layer of fun and games for savvy readers who want to get more involved in this exciting new series.

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