Review: Making Personal Finance Cool to Kids

Posted on October 6, 2014


Finance-for-Children coverPersonal Finance for Children: Making Personal Finance Cool to Kids
By John Cruise
United Publishing House
July 2014
42 pages

This is a guide book for parents who want to teach their kids about money and finance. Cruise recommends ways to introduce money concepts in each age group – from toddlers to teens – which help raise their awareness of financial matters. In addition he suggests learning activities including the tried and true piggy bank and raising money for a charitable cause. The benefit of working together as a family to understand money concepts and finances is an important theme throughout. Even though this book is meant for parents, it’s a quick and easy read for kids who are ten years and older. Parents should encourage their kids to read this book as a way to start the conversation about money and finances. For example, the chapter on “Businesses for Kids” contains some great ideas to open up a dialogue about earning money. Making Personal Finance Cool to Kids offers a simple and positive approach to turn money and finance into a family project.

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