Review: The Scallywag Solution

Posted on March 16, 2015


ScallywagSolution-coverThe Scallywag Solution
By Trevor Newland
Mosaic Press
64 pages

The Scallywags are four motley crew members on board Captain Dashing Dante’s ship. Gassy Jack the Cook’s specialty is stew. Actually that’s all he cooks. Peggy Leg mops the deck, though there’s no visible evidence of this anywhere. Lazy-Eyed Liam keeps up with the laundry. From the looks of the captain and the crew, his job is the easiest. And Roger the Tailor can sew up a storm – literally. Dashing Dante is a preening peacock of a captain who demands endless chores from the Scallywags. No matter how hard they work he is never satisfied. Until one day the infamous Blackbeard and his ship of pirates attack. When Captain Dashing and the rest of the crew abandon ship, it’s up to the Scallywags to save the day.

Cartoon illustrations in shades of brown and blue-green set the tone for this high seas fracas. Newland has a knack for creating exaggerated facial features and contorted torsos that add a delicious layer of visual humor to the story. The Scallywag Solution is a rollicking pirate adventure that will delight young scallywags everywhere.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Peggy Tibbetts

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