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Posted on April 1, 2015


Fantastic stories bannerFantastic Stories of the Imagination

Fantastic Stories publishes original and reprinted science fiction & fantasy as well as reviews and commentary of interest to the genre fiction community. They are looking for stories that cover the entire science fiction and fantasy spectrum, from magic realism to hard SF.

“We want a story to surprise us and to take us to unexpected places. We love word play, and would like to see stories with a literary bent, though decidedly not a pretentious bent. We welcome stories from underrepresented communities and cultures, and are always looking for submissions with diverse characters; it’s a big world, with room for everyone to have their story told.”

Length:  3,000 words or less

Payment:  15 cents per word on acceptance for original stories, or $25 flat fee for reprints

Reprints:  Yes

Rights:  Electronic rights and print rights

Submissions:  By email only with RTF attachment

For more information read Fantastic Stories of the Imagination Submission Guidelines.


terraform bannerTerraform

Terraform, a new online hub dedicated to publishing future fiction, was launched by Motherboard last November. They are looking for speculative fiction that feature technology, science, and future culture topics.

“We’re looking especially for nearer-future fiction; think a bit more along the lines of sentient chat bots or climate-changed dystopias and less far-flung alien space operas. And we don’t care what form it comes in: Classic-style SF short stories, social media posts from beyond the horizon, fictive data dumps, experimental graphic narratives, and so on.”

No word on whether they accept reprints or what rights they assume. This is a new market, so as always proceed with caution.

Length:  2,000 words or less

Payment:  20 cents per word

Submissions:  By email only

For more information read How to Submit Your Stories to Terraform

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