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Posted on April 8, 2015


Evernight Teen circleEvernight Teen

Evernight Teen is seeking teen fiction that is raw, gritty, and real. They teen romance, coming-of-age stories, and cutting-edge fiction aimed at today’s young adults. Stories should have real issues, a strong emotional punch, and a plot to keep the reader turning the pages. Main characters should be between 16 and 21 years. Evernight Teen caters to the 14+ age market. They do not accept books intended for an adult, children’s, or middle-school market.

Length: 25,000 to 100,000 words

Submissions: Query by email only

Evernight Teen Call for Submissions


swoon romanceSwoon Romance

Swoon Romance is actively seeking:

  • Young Adult titles suitable for readers ages 13 – 17. No adult or mature scenes. They publish young adult contemporary romance only — no fantasy, paranormal, SciFi.
    Length: 50,000 to 70,000 words
  • New Adult titles suitable for readers ages 17 – 25. May contain mature scenes, but this is not required. They publish new aAdult contemporary and some fantasy titles.
    Length: 50,000 to 70,000 words
  • Adult titles suitable for readers 18+. May contain adult scenes, on-screen sex and erotica. They publish adult contemporary and some fantasy, magical realism and paranormal.
    Length: 50,000 to 80,000 words

Submissions: Swoon Romance accepts agented and unagented manuscripts. Unagented authors click here to submit manuscripts online.

Become a Swoon Romance Author


tryst booksTryst Books

Tryst Books is looking for authors who write new adult, contemporary romance, or women’s fiction that is unique, a little daring, and a lot of fun. They are open to anything from closed-door romances to explicit erotica, as long as it remains true to the situation and the love story. They want both full-length novels and novellas and will also consider serials.

Length: Novellas from 20,000 to 40,000 words; Full-length novels from 50,000 to 120,000 words

Submissions: Query by email only

We’re Accepting Submissions

Tryst Books Submission Guidelines

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