Review: Glamourpuss

Posted on April 13, 2015


Glamourpuss coverGlamourpuss
Written by Sarah Weeks
Illustrated by David Small
Scholastic Press
February 2015
40 pages

Glamourpuss lives a splendid life in a mansion with the gazillionaire Highhorsens. She has her own room with two thrones — one for her pink bed and one for her pink litter box. Servants respond to her slightest wish. Adorned in her diamond necklace, Glamourpuss spends her days perfecting her glamourous style and attitude which involves a lot of time in front of mirrors. But the arrival of one high-strung Chihuahua named Bluebelle bursts her bubble. With her daily parade of outlandish costumes, Bluebelle quickly becomes the center of attention. Glamourpuss is devastated until one day she discovers the shocking secret that Bluebelle has been hiding from everyone. Small’s comical illustrations combine ink, watercolor, and collage into lavish scenes that magnify the melodrama between these two delightful drama queens. Part fairy tale parody, part homage to classic film divas, Glamourpuss is a hilarious spoof of the ultra-rich which is best shared with a friend.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Peggy Tibbetts

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