Review: On Two and Wings

Posted on May 20, 2015


On Two Feet coverOn Two Feet and Wings
By Abbas Kazerooni
October 2014
238 pages

Abbas Kazerooni is only 9 years old when he is forced to flee his home and family in Iran to avoid being drafted into the military as a child soldier. Alone, he boards a plane for Istanbul, Turkey, where a family friend is supposed to meet him and help him obtain a passport so he can travel to Great Britain to live with his cousin. But the “friend” cruelly abandons him at the airport and he is forced to make his own way in a foreign land. Armed with a list of Iranian-friendly hotels, detailed instructions from his father, and a wad of American dollars, he manages to navigate the maze of language barriers and red tape to gain access to the British Consulate. Any adult under the same circumstances would be intimidated and terrified and Abbas most definitely has his moments of anxiety and fear. Yet somehow he is able to tap into an inner strength and intellect he never knew he possessed. From the hotel owner to shopkeepers to fellow Iranians to the grim agent at the Consulate, everyone he meets is shocked at such a young boy alone without his parents. But at the same time they are impressed with his grit and resourcefulness because Abbas doesn’t merely survive, he thrives with such panache that people are instantly drawn to him and want to help him. On Two Feet and Wings is the compelling true story of a young boy’s journey to freedom and manhood.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Peggy Tibbetts

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