Review: Water Ghosts

Posted on July 27, 2015



Water Ghosts
By Linda Collison
Old Salt Press, LLC
May 2015
182 pages

Fifteen-year old James McCafferty sees things other people don’t see – like dead people. And he hears things other people don’t hear – like the voices of dead people. His mother simply cannot deal with him so she ships him off to a fishy summer camp for teen slackers aboard a salty old Chinese junk. In spite of its uplifting moniker “Good Fortune,” James senses an aura of doom from the get-go. His new shipmate Ming – the only bright aura on this ship of fools – aptly dubs it a “floating prison.” Even Captain Dan, the first mate Miles, and the camp counselor Marty strike him as slightly sinister. What begins as a character-building adventure voyage for seven sullen and resentful teens gradually descends into the macabre. On the open sea, the ghosts and voices of the drowned, the shui gui, multiply exponentially for James. One in particular Yu Chin taunts him mercilessly with his plan to rise from the dead and take over his body. Meanwhile James’ clairvoyance about the captain and crew is validated when their hidden agenda is revealed. But nothing prepares these seven shipmates for the panic and terror that await them after Marty and Miles disappear and Captain Dan kicks the bucket.

Collison intertwines nautical lessons and ancient Chinese history and mythology, encompassing readers with the sensation of being out-to-sea with these ill-fated souls. Water Ghosts is a spine-tingling paranormal thriller that reaches up from the deep and pulls you under.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Peggy Tibbetts

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