Review: The Foxglove Killings

Posted on October 27, 2015


halloween thrillerFoxglove killings coverThe Foxglove Killings
By Tara Kelly
Entangled Publishing
September 2015
390 pages

Behind the quaint little tourist town façade of Emerald Cove, there’s a turf war going on between the townies and cakes – the rich kids – and Nova and her best-friend-with-benefits, Alex are right in the thick of it. Things turn grisly when they discover a mutilated deer carcass in the park. Next a dead raccoon is found on a cake’s front porch. Then two cakes are murdered. The killings all share one common clue – a purple foxglove stuck in the victims’ mouths. Everyone in town, including the cops, believes the cakes are being targeted. Amid heightened fears, the tension between the townies and the cakes escalates. Violence from the past rears its ugly head and the teens are literally at each other’s throats. Nova and Alex get caught up in the battle and pull a stupid stunt that puts the focus on them. Meanwhile a secret admirer is sending Nova creepy love notes that make her wonder if she’s the next victim. Even though author Tara Kelly sprinkles plenty of crumbs through the maze of murder and mayhem, this is one whodunit that keeps readers guessing. A raw and honest portrayal of teen passion and angst, The Foxglove Killings will keep you up at night.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Peggy Tibbetts

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