Review: Sweaterweather

Posted on February 26, 2016


Sweaterweather coverSweaterweather & Other Short Stories
By Sara Varon
First Second Books
February 2016
128 pages

In Sweaterweather & Other Short Stories, graphic artist and storyteller Sara Varon offers readers a playful retrospective of her career from insecure aspiring cartoonist to insecure published graphic novelist. The first eight in the collection are from her first book of the same name. In this bigger and better edition Varon adds nine new, never-before-published stories. Her cartoons contain human and animal interaction, or animals fulfilling human roles, and one robot. From Varon’s early years, readers get a ticket to the coolest pool ever, take a trip to a bee farm, and make paper dolls, among other grins and giggles. In her more recent stuff, readers are treated to a camping trip with a delicious twist, a boxing lesson, an illustrated book review, a trip into Mexico City’s subway bazaar, and many more amusing surprises. Shades of blue, gray, and pink illuminate Varon’s world as she blends whimsical characters into simple story lines, spiced with fun facts, and then colors them with clever details and campy humor. Varon introduces each story with insightful commentary about what inspired her to create the characters and/or story. Her candid exploration into the artistic process elevates this book into a crafty and valuable learning tool for young graphic artists. Those with an artistic eye will appreciate the subtle evolution of her work over the 13-year span. Sweaterweather & Other Stories is an entertaining stroll through the life of a graphic novelist that readers will want to read, relish and repeat.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts

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