Review: The Night Gardener

Posted on March 17, 2016


night gardener cover

The Night Gardener
By Terry Fan and Eric Fan
Simon & Schuster
February 2016
48 pages

Grimloch Lane is a bit of dreary place full of dull people. Until one day an owl topiary appears in front of the orphanage where young William lives. The next day there’s a cat topiary, then a rabbit, a parakeet, and an elephant. In their wonder and amazement at the appearance of the topiaries, the gloomy townspeople are transformed into happy folks having fun. As the people’s joy expands, more topiaries appear and gray, old Grimloch Lane transforms into a colorful spectacle. The dazzling magic of this story is the way the Fan Brothers’ lavishly detailed illustrations gradually bring Grimloch Lane to life as the industrious craftsmanship of the night gardener and his accomplice is revealed. The overriding theme of human happiness achieved through our connection with nature, combined with such beauty and simplicity in the storytelling give The Night Gardener the true qualities of a classic children’s book. ~ Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts


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