Review: Free Days with George

Posted on May 3, 2016


Free Days w George
Free Days with George
Learning Life’s Little Lessons from One Very Big Dog
By Colin Campbell
Anchor Canada
May 2016
224 pages

In what has become a common thread in most man-meets-dog memoirs, Campbell’s wife walked out on him and George the dog saves his life. What distinguishes this dogoir from the others is well – the dog. When the two first met George was a clumsy, fearful, year-old Landseer Newfoundland who had been mistreated and had never known a real home. Luckily Campbell had done his homework about these exceptional black & white beauties and never doubted that underneath George’s 140-lb protective shell lay true canine greatness. But it was up to him to him to free George from the demons in his past. In doing so Campbell worked through his own demons. But the real story here is George’s magical transformation from panicky pup to star of the dog surfing contest. Through Campbell’s vivid and heartfelt descriptions of life with this gentle giant, readers witness the emergence of George’s incredible intelligence, sense of humor, and heart of gold. One of the more significant life lessons to be learned here is the amazing, untapped potential that lies within the heart of any shelter dog. Wherever George makes an appearance, people and dogs find him irresistible. Likewise, Free Days with George is an irresistible story about an extraordinary dog.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts

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