Review: The McVentures of Me, Morgan McFactoid

Posted on May 17, 2016


McVentures of Me Morgan McFactoid

The McVentures of Me, Morgan McFactoid
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
By Mark S. Waxman
Sky Pony Press
January 2016
192 pages

Thirteen-year old Morgan McCracken is a dreamer and inventor who rattles off random fun facts when he’s nervous. So his sister Chloe nicknamed him Mister McFactoid. Morgan also has wild red hair and freckles and he’s the only boy in middle school who shaves. So the school bully Brad Buckholtz nicknamed him Hairy. With his faithful turtle Taxi and his wacky talking parrot Echo by his side in his McFactory, Morgan sets out to create a potion that will stop his whiskers from growing so Buckholtz won’t pick on him anymore. But his concoction is a failure. Or is it? A stroke of lightning, a dab of parrot poop, and a spot of turtle fur turn Morgan’s purple paste into red goop that grows hair. Before he knows it, Morgan and his red goop are more popular than Krispy Kreme doughnuts. That is to everyone except Robin Reynolds, the black-haired beauty who lives across the street. With corporate suits and gun-toting thugs chasing him to get their hands on the secret formula, Morgan doesn’t have time to worry about why Robin is mad at him. He’s on a collision course with destiny where the choice between fame, fortune, and friendship awaits him.

Flexing his TV writing chops, Waxman combines cause-and-effect sequencing with bizarre outcomes which keeps readers guessing, and gives this clever story the irresistible capriciousness of a sitcom. The McVentures of Me, Morgan McFactoid is mc-riveting and mc-funny.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts

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