Review: School of the Dead

Posted on June 22, 2016


School Dead cover

School of the Dead
By Avi
June 2016
288 pages

Tony Gilbert thought his Uncle Charlie was a weird old man until he came to live with him and his parents. Uncle Charlie told great stories, played video games, and taught Tony how to use a slackline. Uncle Charlie even convinced Tony’s parents to move to San Francisco so Tony could attend his alma mater, the Penda School. Then Uncle Charlie died. Even though he doesn’t believe in ghosts, Tony starts seeing Uncle Charlie everywhere. The family moves to San Francisco and Tony starts seventh grade at the Penda School, a creepy old mansion with an even creepier history. The school was established in honor of Mrs. Penda’s dead son. At school, not only does Tony see Uncle Charlie but also the dead Penda boy, along with a steady stream of spirits in the ether — and in the flesh. Creepy classmate Jessica recruits Tony into the Weird History Club and he soon comes to the horrific realization that his new friends are about to suck the life out of him. Full of mystery and suspense, School of the Dead is a spine-tingling thriller that middle grade readers will eagerly devour.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts

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